Indibet review

This is a review of the popular online casino Indibet. Indibet leads the rankings of bookmakers in India. 

Indibet bookmaker offers official services 

  1. bookmaker 
  2. and online casinos. 

Is licensed and authorised to operate in many countries around the world. It is an official online betting provider and website. Indibet profiles and specialises in entertainment popular in India. 

First and foremost is cricket betting. 

Indibet website review The Indibet website was established four years ago. Since its inception, it has gained popularity and broadened the horizons of its users. the focus has been set towards the Indian target audience. 

The most popular choice among betting services is the bookmaker Indibet. 

Indibet specialises in: 

  • sports betting, 
  • gambling entertainment, 
  • card games, 
  • live broadcasts. 
The Indibet website has a number of advantages over other online casinos: 
  • convenience, 
  • user-friendly interface, 
  • a wide range of functions, 
  • an extensive betting line-up, 
  • high odds, 
  • it is possible to download the app, 
  • honest winnings, 
  • a wide variety of sporting activities. 

Indibet interface

Indibet bookmaker stands out amongst the rest with its quality software and interface. Indibet bookmaker’s interface The interface of the website is presented in a branded colour scheme: 

  • white, 
  • black, 
  • blue. 

These colours are brand colours for this company. Accordingly, the website is designed in the brand colours: the background is light and the main elements are black and blue. 

On the home page of the Indibet website, you will see several menu sections to help you sort through the content on the web resource. 

You can select tabs: 

  • sport, 
  • virtual cricket, 
  • today’s event. 

Below these categories you will see a selection of championships taking place in real time. The current championships as well as the schedule of events are also published on the home page at a glance. 

The main banner is taken up by a video showing the benefits of the Indibet website Below the main banner you will see additional categories: 

  1. players, 
  2. session, 
  3. matches, 
  4. championships. 

In this way, you can sort all the sports entertainment you want. 

Indibet Honest Casino

Casino Casino Indibet began operations in 2018, was founded by an eight-star corporation, and has its main management in Curacao. 

Indibet Casino is licensed by Curacao. 

This licence says that it is legal to provide gambling entertainment as well as various online casino services: bonuses, winnings, deposits and so on. 

Sports betting at Indibet Casino.

In order to place your first bet on sports at Indibet Casino, you will need to log in to your personal account. If you have not yet created an account, please complete the registration process in the Review below. Sports betting is done as follows: 

  1. go to the Indibet website homepage, click on the «sports» tab, 
  2. This tab will open a menu showing all the championships in which you can make a bet. 

So you choose the match you want to bet on. 

Sports entertainment involves a huge variety of sports: football, volleyball, hockey, golf, baseball, boxing and so on.

The tournament grid in the sports category will show all relevant information about the championships taking place. It will also show the rising and falling bets and the odds. 

  • In the ‘sports’ category you need to select a sport. 
  • then sort to your liking and make a wager.

Registration on the Indibet website 

The Indibet website offers a simple registration and account verification procedure. All you have to do is fill in the registration form. 

The registration form requires you to provide the following credentials: 
  1. user name, 
  2. email, 
  3. phone number, 
  4. the country code for the telephone number, 
  5. SMS confirmation, 
  6. password, 
  7. password confirmation promo code, 
  8. choice of currency. 

Once all the fields have been filled in, click on the «register» button at the bottom and your personal account will be created. An important point to pay attention to 

  1. Email address. It is not necessary to enter an email address, as verification will be done using the mobile phone number. However, you may need your current email address for newsletters and various notifications. Leave this action to your own discretion. 
  2. Mobile phone number. In order to enter it correctly, you must first select the country code of the mobile operator. The Indibet website currently offers several regions from Australia to New Zealand. You must also be aware that the system and your browser automatically detect your geolocation. If you are in one country and the system detects a different geolocation. You need to check if you have a VPN or proxy server enabled. There might be some network errors. 
  3. Password. Then enter your telephone number without the password code. In order to create a password is part of your account. You need to develop a combination of at least six characters. The maximum length of the password is 32 characters. You must use letters, numbers and other symbols to develop it. Try to make your password so that it cannot be guessed by unauthorised people.
  4.  Password confirmation is required so that you enter the same combination again and confirm that you remember it. 
  5. A promo code is needed to activate the bonus. once you have filled in the above fields, you should select the currency. The currency implies the currency in which the transactions will be made to deposit as well as withdraw your winnings. 
  6. When you have completed all the fields, press the button at the bottom of the form. Once you have completed all the fields, an SMS code will be sent to your phone number. This code is required to activate your account. 

Verification of personal account. 

Before you can make a deposit and start betting, your account must be verified. Verification involves confirming your identity in order to verify your personal account. Many bookmakers use a security protocol. 

Thus making verification a safe procedure. Your personal information will only be used to improve the casino’s services and, in case of an emergency, will serve as proof that it is your account. In order to verify your account, the following documents are required, passport, driving licence, ID card or ID card. 

You must enclose an identity document which contains your photograph, your first and last name and your residential address. The documents will then be considered acceptable for verification. After you have verified that you are a real person, you may deposit and withdraw money to your gaming account. Please note that the data in your account, identity card, as well as the data indicated in the payment system must match. 

The Indibet website system assumes that a person creates only one account, for their own use, and deposits their own money.

Logging into your Indibet account 

Follow the instructions to log in: 

  1. go to the official Indibet website page go to the top menu, 
  2. in the right-hand corner, press the «authorise» button. 
  3. then a form to fill in will appear in your browser. 

The authorisation form contains the following fields: 

  • Username. Instead of a name, you can use the mobile phone or email you used to register. 
  • Password. You can also enable the option to remember your login details on the website. The next time you login, your browser will log you in automatically. If you forget your password. 
What should you do if you have forgotten your password?

Not a problem, because when you signed up you provided a number of credentials that can be used to verify your identity. Also, if your account has been verified, there should be no problem with this. If you have forgotten your password you can do several things: contact technical support, click on «forgot password». 

Once you have clicked on the «I forgot my password» button, the system will open a browser window for you. You will need to enter your name, email address or mobile phone number into the browser. You will then receive a link with your password to the provided mobile phone number or mailbox. 

If you have access to this email, you can log in and take this link. This will restore access to your account very quickly. Also if you don’t know what to do, please contact the technical support team. We will write about how to communicate with technical support in the corresponding section below.

Indibet bookmaker’s app. 

The Indibet bookmaker follows the times and offers its users the most modern mobile development. To avoid always using a personal computer, especially when it is inconvenient, you can download a mobile app to your phone. 

The only limitation is that at the time of writing, the mobile app is not available for the apple operating system. That is, if you have an iPhone, you cannot download the Indibet app because the iPhone runs on the iOS operating system. 

On other operating systems such as android or windows the app will work fine. The main advantages of the app are: ease of use, always at hand, blocking protection, alternative login, easy deposit, withdrawal of winnings, adaptive design, customization to any device. When using the app, you’ll also have access to all the options and features of the main web resource. That means that all your bonuses, game history will be saved in your personal cabinet. It doesn’t depend on whether you use a computer or an app.

Welcome bonus from Indibet 

The Indibet website is an honest participant in the online gambling exercise space and offers its users bonuses. One of the most striking and memorable is the welcome bonus. This means that you will receive a reward for creating a personal account. The welcome bonus is given only once, to new customers at the time of registration. In order to get it, you have to enter a promo code at the moment of registration and make a deposit. At the time of writing the review there are different criteria for making a deposit. two types of welcome bonus. 

Welcome bonus for sports betting.

You must be a sports betting fan before you can use this bonus. This indicates that you will be giving priority to sports betting.

  •  Bonus terms and conditions: 
  • The minimum deposit amount is 100 Indian rupees. 
  • The bonus involves a 100% increase in your game account. 
  • Once you have credited your betting account and started making your first bets, the bonus will be applied. 

Please note, however, that this amount must be spent on sports betting. 

The welcome bonus is a bonus for online casinos.

In order to get the online casino game bonus, you have to deposit 100 Indian rupees into your gaming account. The bonus involves doubling the game deposit. In order to wagering this bonus, you need to use the money in the online casino section. You can also use live casino or slot machines. But you should understand that this bonus is different from the sports betting bonus. 

How to get a bonus on Indibet 

This is so that you can get the bonus, you will first need to create a personal account. Once you have created a personal account, follow the prompts: go to the official page, activate your promotions by going to the bonuses tab. transfer the amount to your gaming account. As you remember not less than 100 Indian rupees. Activate the promo code starts betting.

Other bonuses on the Indibet website 

Indibet’s promotions and bonuses are constantly being added to the Indibet website and keep its users happy. This is how the Indibet website administration tries to support its loyal customers. 

In addition to the main welcome bonus, there will also be periodic updates on new promotions. Some of the most popular promotions will include 

  1. pati bonus, 
  2. friend’s invitation, 
  3. cashback. 

These are three popular bonuses that also have their own game rules. 

  • The party bonus involves, games on Tuesdays and Saturdays in a game of patty. 
  • The friend invitation bonus accordingly offers bonus points for each new registered friend. To invite a friend, you need to send him/her an invitation via your personal account. Log in to your personal cabinet and find this function. After your player registers. he must make his first deposit within a week. This will activate the promotion and you will receive 50 bonus points in your account.
  •  Cashback is a great option that is currently available at live roulette. In order to take advantage of it you need to play live roulette and if you find yourself in deficit, meaning your balance is negative, the system will offer you a percentage of the cashback you spend.

Funding an Indibet account

The Indibet website offers several ways to fund your betting account. We are developing our services and we want every player to feel comfortable and convenient. We also want to make sure you don’t get in trouble and have to look for alternatives. 

The Indibet website therefore offers the following system for funding your gaming account: 
  • You can top up your deposit with a mastercard or visa. The minimum deposit is 100 rupees. You can top up your gaming account with cryptocurrency with a minimum payment of Rs 500.
  • The skrill payment system involves a deposit of 500 Indian rupees. 
  • The neteller system allows a deposit of only 100 Indian rupees into the gaming account. The astropay system allows a minimum deposit of 500 Indian rupees. The google pay system requires a minimum deposit of 100 Indian rupees. 

With the payment systems described above, the money is credited instantly to the game account. The commissions as well as delays in the process of depositing to the game account can depend on the payment system chosen. That is why pay attention to deposit conditions using this or that service. 

In order to make a deposit, you must meet the following conditions: 

  • go to the official website page,
  • go to your personal account, 
  • select the «deposit» section, 
  • press the «top up» button,
  • then select the payment system through which you will transfer the money,
  • enter an amount and confirm your action. 

After that, when the money has been credited, you should start betting on sports or at the online casino don’t forget the bonuses. 

In order to bet on sports you need to understand the odds and the rules of the games. 

The Indibet website offers to study the game rules, and to understand in which situation a particular outcome is likely to happen. You should also understand the application of the odds. You should know how to calculate your potential winnings.

Cricket betting. 

Cricket is the most popular sport in India at the time of writing. Its popularity is due to the beauty of the game and the fact that it has practically become a national sport. India has a national cricket team. There are also regular competitions and tournaments in this sport. you can check out local matches as well as world championships. to bet on cricket you should go to the home page of the official website, go to your personal cabinet, and go to the sports section. In the left column, select the cricket category, and the match level. 

Different competitions will be available to you according to rating level: 
  • India’s premier league, 
  • The Avengers against members of the royal family, 
  • kings versus titanium and much more. 

Please note that each match has different betting and odds. It is also possible to place multi bets. We will explain what multi-betting is a little later on. 

Multi bets. 

Multibetting means that you can bet on different situations in the same sporting event. That means you can bet on many different events during a single match. E.g. not only the final score, the win of one of the teams. But you can also suggest which team will be the first to make a substitution, the first to score, the second to go out or any other action. You can place lots of bets and guess different situations in a match. This way you diversify your bets and increase your chances of winning. So if you don’t guess the final result of the match, for instance, you might guess the best player of the field. So you win anyway. Before you can place a multi bet, you have to know the rules of the game and the participants in the match. Then you can use this knowledge to predict as many events as possible.

Live streaming on the Indibet website.

The Indibet bookmaker offers a great option — live streaming. 

Live broadcasting means a video transmission from the competition site. This means you can watch what is happening on the field of play in real time. This is a great opportunity to watch with your own eyes a match in progress, and to place a bet at the same time. This format is more suitable for adrenaline junkies and real sports fans. Especially cricket, football and badminton are the most vibrant sports in which live streaming takes place. 

There is also the option of watching cyber sport. We will cover the cyber sport options in the next section of the review. Live streaming provides real-time unity with the location of the match. In order to watch the live stream without interference, make sure that your internet connection is reliable, stable. 

And your screen also allows you to watch what’s going on outside in a limited way. 

Cyber sports betting. 

Cyber sport is a modern discipline in the gambling industry. Cyber sport grew out of the hobby of virtual gaming at first it was the domain of some people. Later, with the development of virtual entertainment, cyber sport has gained worldwide popularity. Today, there are more than 100 national eSports teams around the world. People have come to appreciate the possibilities of the game, and its potential. Players in eSports are distinguished by their strategic thinking and knowledge of the game options. Pay attention to eSports, if you have a passion for computer games in the past. In order to place a bet on eSports you will need to follow the instructions: log in to your personal cabinet. This can be done from a personal computer or mobile phone. Go to the ‘sports’ section on the home page. In the left-hand vertical menu, select the cyber sports section. Also select the game and the championship level. On the main page you will see the championship schedule as well as a list of sports events currently taking place. 

Types of entertainment on Indibet

Indibet Online Casino As you have already discovered Indibet is an entertainment provider in two ways:

  • sports betting, 
  • a traditional online casino. 

In this way, the Indibet website reaches out to all gambling enthusiasts. You can switch from betting to gambling. And enjoy both betting on sports and playing slots. The online casino provides a wide range and range of entertainment: live casino, roulette, baccarat, table games, card games, slots. 

We will go into more detail below. 

Live casino 

It’s a great way to feel like you’re playing a game in real time. At this point, there is a video link to the playing field where a real dealer takes your bets. In order to see what is happening at the gaming table, you will need a good internet connection. You can communicate with the live dealer and place bets with him. As a rule, dealers who work in broadcasting to the audience wear traditional Indian clothing. It is quite pleasant and beautiful. In order to bet on a live casino, you should learn the rules of the game, which are live. 

Slots on Indibet 

Slots — These are virtual slot machines. They are brightly coloured programmes that allow you to make winnings in a short period of time. In slots, the betting is not up to you, but to fortune. You can make a wager, but you cannot predict the outcome. a random number generator is responsible for the outcome. The essence of slots is that you activate some action on the screen, and the moment it ends, a certain combination of symbols appears on the screen. This is in general terms. In an example it looks like this, you activate a slot, some symbols spin, when they stop you see numbers on them. If those numbers match, you win. This principle of slot machines has been around for centuries, dating back to the days of the mechanical prototype. 

Card games.

 Cards are one of the oldest and most popular gambling activities around the world. India has its own card gambling entertainment. It can be Bakara or andara bahar. The rules of these games are known to many Indians without any hints. These are practically traditional games in India. They have become very popular over a period of time and many residents are versed in them. The more you know about these games, the more likely you are to suggest its outcome. card games involve watching the game, participating in the process yourself and making certain decisions. 

So winning will not only depend on your luck, but also on your intelligence. 

Withdrawal of winnings.

You can only withdraw your winnings after verifying your account. Verification is the process of confirming your account by sending a copy of your ID card. We have written about what verification is earlier in this review. If you have successfully passed the verification process, you can withdraw your winnings. To do this you should: go to the main page of the casino much, go to your personal cabinet, on the tab withdrawal, enter the amount and select the payment system. 

Each payment system will require a photo of your credentials and confirmation of your actions. 

Once you have fulfilled all the conditions, the money will be transferred to the payment system of your choice. As a rule if you use one payment system for depositing, for withdrawing winnings you have to use the same payment system. Also note that the currency is the same. The currency you deposited the money is the currency of the winnings. So be careful when selecting the currency at the moment of registration.

Pre-match betting. 

In pre-match betting, it is an opportunity to place a bet before the match even starts. This way you can make a high enough wager and apply an underpriced odds. A pre-match bet can only be placed by true wizards who are very good at predicting and forecasting. There are different types of bets available to you on Indibet. 

You can also combine them. you can also use multi bets in the same game. Another nice addition is the online match statistics. If you have made them before a match, you can still keep an eye on the progress of the match. There is also the option of being able to make a bet during the game. When a live sporting event is being broadcast, you can make your bets. 

This approach increases your chances of winning. Because you are watching with your own eyes. 

Indibet casino technical support service. 

Technical support at indibet casino involves supporting its users. it is available to new players as well as experienced members. in order to find it, pay attention to the interface of the website. in the bottom right corner you will see a small circle, with a dialogue icon. Clicking on this icon will open a form for you to fill in. 

In the form, the first thing you need to do is to choose how you want to communicate:
  1. online chat, 
  2. WhatsApp,
  3. Telegram,
  4. mail. 

Next you will have to enter your first and last name. And then you will have to start a conversation. In order to ask a question, you can use the online chat. There is even a function to attach a screenshot. If you have any problems, you can take a picture or a screenshot and send it to technical support. 

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help customers. 

They will try to help and advise you as quickly as possible. 

The most common problems. 
  1. The first problem users have is with logging in. Strange as it may seem, it is very common for users to forget their login details. it is also very common for them to mix up the characters in their password or name. before contacting technical support, check that you have entered your login details correctly. 
  2. The second common mistake is to apply the bonus incorrectly. As we wrote above, each bonus has its own requirements. It can be a certain game or a minimum deposit. If you break these rules the bonus will not be applied. There are also often mistakes in the spelling of the promo code. If you have done everything correctly, technical support will try to figure out what the problem is. 
  3. And another common problem is the withdrawal of winnings. quite often players have problems withdrawing their winnings. 

For this, we have written in detail in this review how to make a deposit, verify it and withdraw money. If you have done everything correctly AND followed the instructions, then also contact technical support. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you advice and solve all your problems as quickly as possible.


Are there any pre-match bets?

Yes, there is a pre-match betting option on the Indibet website

Do I have to verify my account?

Yes, verification is required for withdrawal.

How do I verify my account?

Invite a photo of your ID card.